Can California avoid a third devastating COVID-19 winter wave? Cautious signs of hope

For the last two years, Thanksgiving served as a sobering reminder of the COVID-19 pandemic’s staying power. For each, the holiday essentially marked the turbocharged start of the severe fall-and-winter COVID-19 wave, which both resulted in the deadliest surges of the pandemic, killing thousands of Americans a day. But there’s some guarded optimism that this … Read more

Opinion: San Jose BART extension’s $9.3 billion cost way too much

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority recently increased the budget for its BART Silicon Valley Phase II extension to a staggering $9.3 billion. That would be more than $1.5 billion for each mile of the six-mile project from the Berryessa station through downtown San Jose to Santa Clara. There are not enough greenhouse gas emission savings or … Read more

52 Weird Christmas Gifts Guaranteed To Make For A Nutty Noel

“Wow! Kitty made Christmas ornaments in his litter box!”“Uh, those aren’t actually ornaments. It’s Genius Litter, a type of litter that changes color based on our cat’s urinary health.”“Is there anything stopping me from decorating the house with them?”“I thought common sense might be a deterrent, but I guess I thought wrong.”“Great!” Source link

Work and a black squirrel, wild turkeys, ice fishing and the joy of hunting PHAs

Notes come from around Chicago outdoors and beyond. WILD OF THE WEEK Jackson Kennedy messaged, “Saw this black squirrel leaving a job near O’Hare.” When I asked what job the squirrel was doing at O’Hare, Kennedy cracked back, “Looks like he’s checking meters. I’ve never seen one in Illinois before.” Black squirrels vary in numbers … Read more