Let’s Meet Leap-Frog in “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”

LOS ANGELES — Actor Brandon Stanley reveals his character, Leap-Frog in the series

After a brief cameo appearance in episode 5, eager Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will be glad to know that actor, Brandon Stanley confirms that he will play the frog-based character, Leap-Frog in the popular Disney+ TV series “She-Hulk.” “My real name is Eugene Patilio,” Stanley tells On The Red Carpet. ” I was the son of a villain named Vincent Patilio. I want to clear my father’s bad name.”

Stanley assures his fans that the frog villain he portrays, despite being an ambitious character, is not to be feared. “I am a good guy. I mean well,” Stanley proclaims. “I’m here to get the job done and I truly think that I am one of the best and I’m gonna be the next Superhero, Leap-Frog, me – Eugene, taking it over!”

The actor explains why he is excited about appearing in this action-packed comedy series. “This is the role of a lifetime and it’s the funniest role I’ve done,” and “to be part of the MCU is great but to be part of “She-Hulk,” that’s what’s awesome,” Stanley said.

But what makes Stanley most ecstatic about his “She-Hulk” adventure is that “we are about to see just like a powerhouse you can have when you have a female-driven team and like the writing, Jessica Gao, oh my god, she is perfect; such a great comedic writer,” Stanley explained. “It’s such an honor to work with all of these powerful female figures here in the industry.”

New episodes of “She-Hulk” Attorney-At-Law” premiere Thursdays on Disney+.

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