Puerto Rican jockeys at Pennsylvania Derby worry about families at home after Hurricane Fiona

BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) – Puerto Rico is still struggling days after Hurricane Fiona wreaked havoc. The devastation hits close to home for Puerto Rican jockeys competing in the upcoming Pennsylvania Derby.  

While Puerto Rican trainer and former jockey Josué Arce makes another lap on the track at Parx Racing in Bensalem, his oldest son on the island is living without electricity after Hurricane Fiona forced a total blackout. 

Arce says he’s thankful the flooding didn’t reach his family’s house. 

Fellow Puerto Rican jockey Abner Adorno was in Puerto Rico last week.  

“I just came back before the hurricane,” Adorno said. 

He left the day before Hurricane Fiona made landfall.  

Fortunately, his family is safe. 

“The area they live in is not that bad, still a lot of flooding and stuff,” Adorno said. “They’re doing good so far, so, thank God.”  

Aside from flooding, the lack of water on the island is also a concern.  

“The power is always on and off. They don’t have water, but they will eventually. It’s going to take some time,” Adorno said. 

As he gears up for this weekend’s Pennsylvania Derby, Adorno says home is where his heart is.  

“Hopefully, everyone on the island gets better soon,” Adorno said.

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