Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope Telethon Raises Over $6 Million For Research To Find Cure For Childhood Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The “Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope Telethon” continues to provide just that — hope. On Wednesday at the CBS3 studios in Philadelphia, we held our 16th annual telethon benefitting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The CBS3 lot was transformed into a lemonade stand. READ MORE: New Mural Around West Philadelphia Basketball Courts … Read more

Young Boy From Los Angeles Reaches Remission Stage Of Cancer Battle: ‘No Retreat, No Surrender’

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IBEW Local 98 Workers Collecting Donations For Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It takes a village in the fight to end childhood cancer. CBS3 cameras were at IBEW Local 98 headquarters in Spring Garden on Wednesday when they rallied the troops. Alex’s dad, Jay Scott, got members ready for the big job Wednesday. READ MORE: Young Girl Fighting Through Obstacles With Odds Against Her … Read more

Family Shares Toddler’s Struggle With Standing, Walking During Cancer Treatments

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For children with cancer, the disease often comes with other health problems. One little boy lost his ability to stand and talk not once, but twice. Spend a few minutes with Andy Fee and you’ll see he’s a bundle of energy. READ MORE: Philadelphia Man Accused Of Selling THC Edibles To Children … Read more

Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Then, Now, And What’s To Come As Work Alex Scott Started Isn’t Complete

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Alex Scott was just 4 years old when she decided to hold a lemonade stand to raise money for her doctors so that none of her friends, and no other children, would have to fight cancer. What an amazing movement Alex started. She died at the age of 8 but her parents, … Read more

CHOP Doctor, Team Develop Drug That’s Cured Children Of Often Deadly Neuroblastoma Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has funded research that has resulted in cures. There are children living today because of the foundation and amazing doctors and researchers. At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one doctor and her team have developed a drug that has cured some children of an often deadly cancer — same … Read more

Treatment Funded By Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Spared Young Woman Heartbreaking Side Effect

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wednesday is CBS3’s 16th annual “Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope Telethon.” One of the goals of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is to find better, safer cures for childhood cancer. Too many children suffer during their treatment and often, have side effects for the rest of their lives. One young woman who … Read more

6-Year-Old Vercelee Continues To Smile After 2 Year-Long Battle Of Extreme Side Effects From Cancer Treatment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some children with cancer can have extreme side effects from treatment and with weakened immune systems, other illnesses can become life-threatening. One little girl had it all — and she is still smiling. Six-year-old Vercelee is finished with cancer treatment. READ MORE: Philadelphia Police Arrest Delivery Driver Accused Of Shooting Teen Chick-Fil-A … Read more