Channel 4 dissected a human body – and it was the most moving television of the year

There were many unforgettable aspects to My Dead Body (Channel 4), the televised dissection of a young woman named Toni Crews. One of them was the moment when the top of Crews’s skull was wrenched off to reveal the brain within. It made a sound that I am simply unable to describe, but which caused … Read more

How Aldi, Lidl and the middle aisle lured in the middle-classes at Christmas

Are you even middle class if you can’t hold a lengthy conversation about the relative joys of Aldi? My mother spends so much time in her local branch that she may as well move in. We all have a view of the things worth buying (wine, ham, wooden toys) and those to avoid (their version … Read more

Comedian who mocked Royals as colonialists to play Charles in Prince Andrew musical

A British-Zimbabwean comedian who has mocked the Royal family’s colonial connections has been cast as Charles in a new musical about Prince Andrew. Munya Chawawa has become an online celebrity with short satirical videos joking about issues such as the Royal family’s clumsy race relations and excessive wealth from imperial plunder, and a documentary examining … Read more

Grand Designs: House of the Year, review: who would live next door to a house like this?

Leyton House in east London was fine, although if I had enough money to dig out an enormous basement then I’d probably move out of Leyton. (No offence to readers from Leyton.)  A self-build in West Stirlingshire was notable mostly because it had a giant cupboard dedicated to gin, and a staircase painted so black … Read more

The Great British Bake Off 2022, final, review: an increasingly stale confection

This has been far from a vintage series of The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4). The challenges have been fiddly. The judging has been harsh. Hallowe’en Week aired two weeks before Hallowe’en and Mexican Week managed to offend an entire nation. It’s no coincidence that ratings are down by 1.3m on last year. A … Read more

How is it being young, black and right-wing? Channel 4 tries (and fails) to find out

The debate that ran through Young, Black and Right-Wing (Channel 4) was captivating. Presenter Zeze Millz was on a mission, she said, to ask some tough questions about young, black politics in Britain: what drives a black person to reject systemic racism? Has the Left lost touch with black communities? How much of a barrier … Read more

Miriam Margolyes’s fart-powered light entertainment tour of UK TV shows no signs of slowing down

There are plenty of gentle travelogues which pair up celebrities for double the fun (see also Canal Journeys, DNA Journeys). The genre is capacious enough to admit of almost any arrangement, which is why Miriam Margolyes and Alan Cumming, who last year pootled around Scotland, are now randomly tacking a trip to Los Angeles onto … Read more

Channel 4’s Shein exposé was a slap on wrist for those addicted to fast fashion

As we know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It seems there’s no such thing as a £4 frock either. Inside the Shein Machine: Untold (Channel 4) probed the human and environmental cost of fast fashion. It didn’t make for pretty viewing and might just make punters think before clicking “add to basket”. … Read more

Charles: Our New King, review: ITV gets the tone right in this portrait of a royal driven by duty

An awkward week in the TV programme-naming department. Hot on the heels of Channel 4’s Charles: Our New King comes an ITV documentary called Charles: Our New King. But you won’t confuse the two because Channel 4’s effort was poor and this one is significantly better. It was made by ITN, which knows how to … Read more