COVID, RSV and Flu cases expected to rise in Central Texas

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Centers for Disease Control expect more people to get sick over the next few weeks as holiday gatherings start to pick up. There’s a trio of viral threats including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu), and COVID-19. Many children’s hospitals across the country are already experiencing a surge, fueled by a spike … Read more

Los Angeles County considers reinstating indoor mask mandate as COVID cases rise

Los Angeles County considers reinstating indoor mask mandate as COVID cases rise – CBS News Watch CBS News Los Angeles County is considering implementing an indoor mask mandate as COVID-19 hospitalizations climb and fears that a “tripledemic” of coronavirus, flu and RSV could strain hospitals. Dr. Jerry Abraham, who heads up vaccine efforts at Kedren … Read more

Miss Manners: This Christmas ‘rule’ is news to me

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My daughter informs me that after a couple marries, they are required to spend every Christmas with the husband’s family, rather than alternating, as was the practice before the wedding. Is this an American tradition — or any, for that matter? I am not familiar with this “requirement.” GENTLE READER: Neither is … Read more

Keep COVID Military Vaccine Mandate, U.S. Defense Chief Says

ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT (AP) — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he wants to keep the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place to protect the health of the troops, as Republican governors and lawmakers press to rescind it. This past week more than 20 Republican governors sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking … Read more

Masks Now Recommended in 12 Illinois Counties After Reaching ‘High’ COVID Community Level

With cases increasing in Illinois as weather gets colder and residents return from holiday gatherings, 12 of the state’s 102 counties have now reached a “high” community level, according to the CDC. The data, which monitors the community COVID level in Illinois counties each week, showed 63 counties in Illinois at an elevated COVID community … Read more

Miss Manners: Her bathroom habit would be a problem at a fancy restaurant

DEAR MISS MANNERS: After the easing of pandemic lockdowns, an old friend came over for dinner, just the two of us. It’s been a long pandemic for all of us, but especially for her. She had to have all her shopping delivered, including groceries. She’s not been out in literally years. She asked if it … Read more

New CDC Data Shows 63 Illinois Counties At Elevated COVID Level; 12 Counties Reach ‘High’

Cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the state of Illinois, with CDC data released Friday reflecting the statewide increase. Days after Illinois saw its largest single-day number of COVID-19 cases since August, community level data from the CDC shows 63 of Illinois’ 102 counties are at a “medium” or “high” COVID-19 community level. Of … Read more

China fines former NBA star Jeremy Lin over

Former NBA star Jeremy Lin, who plays for a Chinese team, was fined 10,000 yuan ($1,400) for criticizing quarantine facilities, China’s professional league and a news report said Friday, as the government tries to stop protests against anti-virus controls that are among the world’s most stringent. Also Friday, more cities eased restrictions, allowing shopping malls, … Read more

China signals possible shift from

Beijing — Three years after the first COVID-19 patient was documented in central China, officials in Beijing appear, finally, to be coming to terms with some realities that most other countries eagerly seized upon months ago to start moving their battered economies and societies past the darkest days of the pandemic. By Thursday, there had been … Read more