Woman’s stance on how to approach first date divides internet

A woman’s stance on how to approach a first date has divided the internet, with much-heated discussion online. The debate started on TikTok after one woman said she decided to go on another date after not hearing from the person she was supposed to on the original date with. The woman, who goes by @Viv.aboufaissal online, said: … Read more

Dating expert: How to get over, get back with — or back at — your ex in 30 days

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Dear Abby: My girlfriend keeps on calling me her dead boyfriend’s name

DEAR ABBY: My wife passed more than a year ago, and I am seeing a lady whose husband died five years ago. “Helen” had been going out with her boyfriend, “Harry,” for two years, but he recently developed cancer and passed away. We have grown close, but I have a problem. When we are in … Read more

I’m a 35-year-old virgin — men always ghost me when I tell them

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Secret function on Amazon Alexa helped me bust my cheating boyfriend

Incriminating evidence. A woman has discovered her boyfriend cheating on her after accessing a secret function on her Amazon Alexa. Jessica Lowman took to TikTok on Saturday revealing that the speaker saves all voice recordings, which can subsequently be retrieved on a computer browser. “So this is how I caught my ex cheating,” Lowman captioned … Read more