Neurotrauma consultant who evaluated Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa fired over ‘several mistakes’

MIAMI — The unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant involved in clearing Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa during the game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills has been fired after it was found he made “several mistakes” in his evaluation, a league source told ESPN. The source said the NFL Players Association exercised its right to dismiss the consultant. … Read more

Las Vegas Casino Closes Dolphin Exhibit After 3 Animals Die In 6 Months

The Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas announced it would temporarily close its dolphin attraction in the wake of a third dolphin death this year. The Mirage’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat currently has no reopening date scheduled, a spokesperson told The Washington Post. An 11-year-old male bottlenose dolphin named K2 died Sept. 24 … Read more

Vegas attraction closed after 3rd dolphin death in 5 months

LAS VEGAS — A dolphin habitat at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has been temporarily closed after the third mammal death at the attraction in five months. Officials at the Mirage Secret Garden and Habitat said an 11-year-old bottlenose dolphin named K2 died Saturday. The cause of death remains unclear, but officials told … Read more

Dolphin and porpoise infected with bird flu in first documented cases

A bottlenose dolphin in Florida and a stranded porpoise in Sweden have tested positive for a highly virulent strain of bird flu, marking the first documented cases of avian influenza in cetaceans. The infections come amid an “unprecedented” season of H5N1 bird flu, which has killed millions of wild birds and poultry across the globe … Read more

Indonesian Dolphins Released Into Open Seas After Years Of Resort Hotel Captivity

Three bottlenose dolphins — endearingly named Johnny, Rocky and Rambo — were released Saturday into the open seas of Indonesia, according to The Associated Press. The aquatic mammals spent years in captivity entertaining tourists prior to their celebrated liberation. The dolphins had been rescued in 2019 from a small pool at a resort hotel, which … Read more

Male Dolphins Play ‘Wingmen’ To Help Buddies Hook Up, Researchers Discover

Bottlenose dolphins form decadeslong male bonds and work together to help pals find mates, researchers have discovered. The dolphin “wingmen” cooperate in sophisticated alliances to help one another pair off — and ward off competitors. But most extraordinary is that the dolphins not only form associations within groups, but forge intergroup alliances in sophisticated social … Read more

Mass Black Sea dolphin deaths could be linked to Russia-Ukraine war

An alarming number of dolphins have been washing up dead on the shores of the Black Sea, and scientists believe the use of military sonar technology linked to the Ukraine war is the likely culprit. Between February and mid-May, more than 100 dead dolphins were discovered on the Turkish coast alone, in what Turkish Marine … Read more