Kumail Nanjiani Confesses To A Hygiene Crime Against Humanity

At least he can smile about it now. “Welcome to Chippendales” star Kumail Nanjiani confessed he didn’t go to the dentist for 15 years before deciding to drop in. The office staffer who greeted him looked in his mouth and alarmingly suggested he better clear his calendar, the actor recalled on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Flushes Trump With Scathing Toilet Humor About Eric

“Good for him!” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “That is a big announcement. You know, it’s not easy to potty train when you’re almost 40. It’s an accomplishment.” Kimmel also called Trump’s campaign “a bid to become the first American to lose the popular vote three times in a row.” See more in his … Read more

Kathy Griffin Takes Revenge On Elon Musk With Totally Off-The-Rails Impression

One of Musk’s first acts on his supposedly free speech-oriented take on Twitter ― one where he declared comedy would be “legal” ― was to boot her for making fun of him. So, the comedian turned up somewhere Musk couldn’t control: “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And she did what Musk appears to hate most. Source link

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back With ‘Toilet’ Dig After Trump Attacks Him By Name

During a podcast interview last week, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said that he lost about half his fans when he started to go after Trump ― something the ex-president reveled in… and exaggerated… during the rally. “I saw Jimmy Kimmel said that his show’s practically dead because nobody that likes Trump will watch,” Trump … Read more

Kids Are Crying And That Means Jimmy Kimmel’s Post-Halloween Prank Is Back

Jimmy Kimmel tried to give kids a reprieve from his long-running Halloween prank during the coronavirus pandemic, but it didn’t help. “People love this so much that the last two years we didn’t even ask anyone to do it but hundreds of families did it anyway,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said on Wednesday night. … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Herschel Walker With A Special Opportunity Just For Him

“Herschel Walker claims to be pro-life and yet two ex-girlfriends have come forward to say he pressured them into having abortions,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host noted, adding that one woman said Walker even drove her to the clinic to ensure she went through with the procedure. “While a revelation like that could be a … Read more

‘Keep Your Eyes On Lindsey’s Face’: Jimmy Kimmel Spots Bonkers Graham-Walker Interview

Walker, who is supposedly against abortion rights, has faced numerous allegations recently that he paid for abortions for women he impregnated. But with Graham, Walker claimed, “If they can do it to me, they’re going to come after you next.” “That’s right,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “Next time you push an abortion on … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Eric Trump A Scathing Reminder About ‘Daddy’s Lawyers’

Over the weekend, Eric Trump told a rally crowd that his father had been subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol that was carried out by Trump supporters. “Who wants to pop a beer, make some popcorn and watch Donald Trump talk about election fraud in … Read more

‘The Emperor Has No Brain!’: Jimmy Kimmel Spots Most Baffling Part Of New Trump Audio

“He really has a bug up his ass about Obama,” Kimmel said on Tuesday before playing audio of Trump insulting former President Barack Obama’s intelligence. Trump claimed he was smarter than Obama because he came from “good stock,” because his father and uncle were both smart. Trump also lashed out at Woodward on Truth Social … Read more