Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Hitler Fan Ye’s ‘Complete Insanity’ On Alex Jones Podcast

Jimmy Kimmel was still spinning Thursday after what he called “three hours of complete insanity” earlier in the day when Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, said flat out that he “liked” Adolf Hitler and “loved” Nazis in an appearance on far-right extremist Alex Jones’ podcast. “I haven’t seen anything like this,” said … Read more

David Harbour shocked by Madonna calling him sexy before ‘creepy’ audition

Seems like Madonna was crazy for David Harbour. The Queen of Pop, 64, was allegedly so taken by the “Stranger Things” star, 47, that she invited him to secretly audition for her 2011 film “W.E.” “It was a crazy thing. It was a real cloak-and-dagger type of experience,” Harbour recalled Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Makes A NSFW Dig At Lindsey Graham’s Affection For Herschel Walker

At one point the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host showed clips of Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) relentlessly promoting Walker’s campaign website in advance of his runoff election against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock for senator in Georgia. One segment showed Graham doing pushups as he recited the url address with Walker counting. “I really … Read more

Kimmel Trashes Trump’s Nick Fuentes Meal With Withering 1-Liner About Eric

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday mocked the “meeting of the mindless” between Donald Trump, Kanye West, and notorious white nationalist Nick Fuentes at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home. Trump tried to deflect outrage caused by his dining with Fuentes by claiming he was a “guest whom I had never met and knew nothing about.” It’s the … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Says Seized Trump Photos Show ‘He’s Even Weirder Than We Thought’

Jimmy Kimmel spotted something unusual in Donald Trump’s latest legal gripe, with his attorneys complaining the FBI took personal items during its search of his Mar-a-Lago club over the summer ― including pictures of Celine Dion. “What is he doing with multiple pictures of [Celine Dion]?” Kimmel asked. “Is it possible he’s even weirder than … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks He’s Finally Figured Out What’s Wrong With Mike Pence

The former vice president had an awkward night at a CNN town hall event ― including cases where he got the names of the questioners wrong. “I think we just found the new spokesperson for Prevagen,” Kimmel said, referring to the supplement that’s supposed to help with memory. “Maybe the reason he calls his wife … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Flushes Trump With Scathing Toilet Humor About Eric

“Good for him!” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “That is a big announcement. You know, it’s not easy to potty train when you’re almost 40. It’s an accomplishment.” Kimmel also called Trump’s campaign “a bid to become the first American to lose the popular vote three times in a row.” See more in his … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Spots Most Hilariously Awkward Moment Of Trump’s Big Party

“It was an emotional weekend for Trump,” Kimmel said. “Because he gave away a daughter and the Senate on the same night, on Saturday night.” That’s when Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) won reelection over Trump-backed conspiracy theorist Adam Laxalt, ensuring that the Democrats will keep their control over the Senate in the next session … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Shows Just How Much Everyone Hates Ted Cruz

Jimmy Kimmel said there’s one issue that really unites many Americans. “Nobody likes Ted Cruz,” he declared on Thursday night. Yet despite that unpopularity, Sen. Cruz was called in to help Herschel Walker, the embattled Republican candidate for senator in Georgia. “You know your campaign’s in trouble when somebody picks up a phone and says, … Read more