Time is running out for Joe and Hunter Biden as GOP prepares investigation

We are reliably informed that “elections have consequences,” and House Republicans are eager to prove it by using their new majority to reveal Biden family corruption. Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, incoming chairman of the Oversight Committee, was blunt about his goal.  “The president’s participation in enriching his family is, in a word, abuse of … Read more

Truce in sight on same-sex-marriage and dissent

America could finally be on its way to hammering out a truce between same-sex-marriage advocates and religious opponents. It’s a tall order. Congress is the architect of one part of the truce. The Senate is advancing a bill, with bipartisan support, to ensure a same-sex couple’s marital status and benefits will be secure in all … Read more

Return of a mask mandate? Never!

Our health experts are back to chasing flies with sledgehammers. Yesterday, despite Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that he’s hopeful for a mild COVID winter and the president declaring the pandemic “over,” the Department of Health and Human Services recommended we all go back to wearing masks again. Why? Because there’s a chance if you catch … Read more

Biden’s lunatic bid to pay ‘poor nations’ for ‘climate reparations’

In a pathetic bid to “show results” from the latest global climate-change confab, the Biden administration followed Western Europe’s hysterical lead by signing on to a lunatic “climate reparations” scheme. It’s beyond outrageous. It won’t even bring any progress in reducing global carbon emissions, the supposed goal of the COP-27 meetings. If it works as … Read more

How to save America from another fraudster like Elizabeth Holmes

The final — or maybe penultimate — chapter of one of the most remarkable stories of investigative journalism and corporate fraud in recent memory has closed. Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of Theranos, was sentenced Friday to just over 11 years in prison for the crimes she committed running her blood-diagnostics startup. Former Wall … Read more

Florida blacks win without racial gerrymander, Biden’s abuse of power and other commentary

Elex beat: Florida Blacks Win Without Racial Gerrymander “Republicans owe their razor-thin House majority to a decision Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made earlier this year that largely escaped notice outside the Sunshine State,” crows William Mattox in The Wall Street Journal. He vetoed the Legislature’s district maps then won support for a plan that avoided “racial gerrymanders.” And … Read more

AG Merrick Garland is the great pretender

Merrick Garland belongs in Hollywood. His Friday performance where he pretended to be a squeaky-clean, by-the-books attorney general was completely persuasive — if you didn’t know squat about the last two years.  Even those who didn’t just come from Mars had to admire Garland’s ability to keep a straight face while making the absurd claim … Read more

Letters to the Editor — Nov. 20, 2022

Bet on DeSantis Note to Lara Trump: You are one voter and do not get to tell Gov. Ron DeSantis or other qualified Republicans when and if they should run for president (“Lara wants DeSantis delay,” Nov. 15). Many of us like Ron DeSantis and what he has done for the state of Florida. Since … Read more

In less than an hour, Jeremy Hunt delivered a death sentence to the aspirations of a generation

And there is no escape from the tax attack. We are now at the mercy of inflation, with thresholds frozen on everything from income to inheritance. This is a pincer movement on our wages and our wealth. Inflation was harmless at around 1pc when Rishi Sunak first introduced the widespread freeze on tax bands and … Read more