The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial – so why do we consistently underestimate their importance?

Trying to pull the threads together, the Princess has taken on patronages to support children and children’s hospitals, mothers and maternity services. In 2021, she set up her Centre for Early Childhood in a small, modern office in central London. She has visited beleaguered services for morale-boosting engagements, flown to Denmark to see the many … Read more

I’m determined to nurture our children in their first crucial years of life. They are our future

Over the past 10 years, talking to a wide range of experts about how we deal with societal issues like poor mental and physical health, I have become more and more sure of one thing: if we are going to create a healthier and happier society for future generations, we must start by understanding and … Read more

‘I’m relieved I got cancer last year – now, I couldn’t cope with chemo and energy costs’

Within a few months they were rapidly burning through their savings and Potts was terrified. She found herself constantly monitoring the thermostat and becoming obsessed with how cold it was getting and how her heating bills would rise. “Neither of us really wanted to claim benefits,” she says, dabbing tears from her eyes. “We’re proud … Read more

The empty nesters taking in other people’s children

Blame Britain’s current economic woes. Many landlords sold up during the pandemic, reducing the number of rental properties. And those landlords that remain, hit with rising inflation and increased mortgage interest rates, are passing their costs on to tenants. As a result, it is becoming more difficult for young people to access private rentals, which, … Read more

Fear, loathing and Labradors: Rachel Johnson’s memories of The Lady

A new ed was the fourth since I’d been booted upstairs a decade ago. A churn to compete with Tory prime ministers but – unlike our whiplashing politics – The Lady magazine, founded as “a journal for gentlewomen”, was not supposed to be tumultuous. It was supposed to be sedate and serenely read by upstairs … Read more

Dame Kate Bingham: ‘Downing Street was indifferent about vaccines’

She stresses that the UK clearly has more manufacturing capacity than it did – the Government bought and repurposed a veterinary vaccine plant in Essex, for instance, while Moderna is setting up an mRNA vaccine manufacturing plant. Britain also invested in training, and expanded vaccine testing facilities at Porton Down.  “Is it enough? That’s a … Read more

Ian Russell: ‘There are questions that will never be answered about Molly’s final hours’

Russell, it is no exaggeration to say, has managed to change the debate around child safety online through years of tireless campaigning that has won him admirers, including the Prince of Wales. On Monday he received a call from Michelle Donelan, the new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The minister said … Read more

How I got a reference from the Taliban

When the new job was decided, I popped round to the South African high commission in Islamabad to say hello and apply for a long-term visa. As I exchanged pleasantries with the South African visa official, he casually asked where else I had lived. I listed a few countries, including Afghanistan. He replied that my … Read more

Liz Truss: ‘We have to change – the status quo isn’t an option’

During the leadership campaign, Ms Truss set out her vision for tax cuts, supply-side reforms and reductions in public spending in an early interview with this newspaper, in which she said she wanted to bring about “the biggest change in our economic policy for 30 years”.  The Prime Minister believes that the combination of radical … Read more

The Yorkshire Shepherdess: ‘Keeping our split a secret was like living in a pressure cooker’

Amanda and Clive met in 1996, when she was working as a contract shepherdess and visited his farm, Ravenseat, to collect a ram. He was in his 40s, she in her early 20s. They fell in love and married in 2000, although romance was never exactly high on the agenda; she recounts in one of … Read more