Ask Amy: We supported our fired co-worker until this surprising pettiness

Dear Amy: I work in a department with around 20 people. Recently “Jo” was let go. I don’t know the full circumstances, but I was told there was “cause.” Since then many of us have kept in touch with Jo, commiserating and offering support. Meanwhile, my coworker “Hannah” is about to have her first child. … Read more

Danjoy’s Homemade Pasta can teach anyone to make perfect pasta

HOUSTON, Texas — With Danjoys Homemade Pasta you learn to make pasta the old-fashioned Italian way. Giancarlo Danjoy learned to make pasta from scratch from his father-in-law, who trained as a master chef in Alma, Italy. Giancarlo and his wife, Reyna, started teaching pasta-making classes to small groups out of their home in 2018. They … Read more

Ask Amy: They walked uninvited into our party as if our home was a bar

Dear Amy: My husband and I have lived in our neighborhood for about 10 years. We’re friendly and neighborly. One house has always been a “trouble” house. Loud arguments are heard, the SWAT team showed up to arrest an adult son (yikes), neighbors accuse the kids of stealing tools from their shed, and recently police … Read more

Harriette Cole: This one show has me reconsidering my acting career

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’ve dreamed of working in theater for most of my life. I was recently cast in a role in a production that I’ve always wanted to be cast in. We’ve only done one show so far, but I am realizing how demanding and tough theater life really is. I’m physically and mentally exhausted … Read more

Kardashians dragged for ‘inappropriate’ Halloween parties

This seems a bit extreme — even for the Kardashians. Kourtney Kardashian, 43, and new husband Travis Barker, 46, decked out their sprawling $9 million Calabasas mansion with a sea of plastic dead bodies, goth candles, black crows and pools of splattered blood ahead of this year’s Halloween celebration.  And while the spine-tingling tableau, partly … Read more

Dear Abby: My co-worker made no attempt to control the dogs

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I attended a party at the home of one of my co-workers. There were about 15 guests. The problem was the homeowner’s pets — two dogs that live inside. They were allowed to roam freely during the party. They barked each time a guest knocked or rang the doorbell, and … Read more

Miss Manners: They trash-talk my state even as guests in my home

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My family grew up in a lovely area. I still live here, while my brother and sister-in-law have moved out of state. My brother occasionally reaches out to ask if they can stay with me for a weekend to attend events and visit family and friends. I love having company, and welcome … Read more

Harriette Cole: My husband shirks his tasks and says I have no right to complain

DEAR HARRIETTE: I had a pretty nice summer — except when it came to my husband. We entertained a lot, and I found myself doing the lion’s share of the work while he enjoyed playing. When I would ask him to help by doing the dishes or taking out the trash, he would balk and … Read more

Harriette Cole: My social blunder was an honest mistake, but I don’t know how to tell them that

DEAR HARRIETTE: I hosted a dinner for a relatively small group of people and inadvertently left out two of my friends. I was busy working and planning at the same time, and it was an honest mistake. I know they heard about the gathering because we are all friends.  I don’t want them to think … Read more