San Francisco police proposal could allow cops to kill suspects with robots

A San Francisco police proposal could give cops in the city the ability to kill suspects using remote-controlled robots. A draft policy that details the controversial proposal states lethal force by robots would be allowed if there was a deadly threat to cops of the public, local outlets reported this week. “Robots will only be … Read more

Pictured: Spot the robo-dog surveys its territory in Blenheim Palace investigation

The partners are also working to create a 3D digital model of the palace linked to climatic, environmental and building fabric monitoring devices to help predict the potential impacts of climate change.  Commenting on the project, Professor Nick Hawes, the director of the Oxford Robotics Institute, said: “Oxford Robotics Institute’s mission is to develop the … Read more

Elon Musk Presents Humanoid Robot Called Optimus At Silicon Valley Event

Elon Musk was criticized last year for purporting to unveil an artificial intelligence-driven robot — only to present a human dressed as one for a buffoonish dance. On Friday, however, the project inched closer to reality with an actual demonstration. The Tesla CEO revealed a humanoid machine, known as Optimus, at the company’s annual AI … Read more

Elon Musk unveils Tesla robot, says it will perform ‘boring’ chores by year’s end

Elon Musk has unveiled more details about his company’s futuristic artificial intelligence robots, painting a vivid picture of what life on Earth will look like for Tesla customers in the decades to come. Standing at around 5 feet 8 inches, Musk’s Tesla Bot aims to gradually remove “boring” responsibilities from the hands of mere mortals who … Read more

Google fires software engineer who claimed AI bot was ‘sentient’

Google has fired a senior software engineer who claimed that the company had developed a “sentient” artificial intelligence bot, the company announced Friday. Blake Lemoine, who worked in Google’s Responsible AI organization, was placed on administrative leave last month after he said the AI chatbot known as LaMDA claims to have a soul and expressed … Read more

Short-staffed hotels are hiring robots — and labor unions are pushing back

A fledgling line of robots has begun to fill jobs at short-staffed hotels — and labor groups are sounding alarms. A handful of hotels across the US – from the Mandarin Oriental in Boston to a Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City, Calif. – have begun turning to robots to provide guest services usually performed … Read more