Dear Abby: My husband died, and I’m happy. Is something wrong with me?

DEAR ABBY: I have been a widow for six months. My late husband was a physically and verbally abusive alcoholic. I spent numerous nights in the ER waiting to be seen and nursed many black eyes throughout the years. During all those years of abuse, which was witnessed by numerous friends and family, I remained … Read more

Here’s how much more Thanksgiving dinner will cost you this year

In early November, Hays Culbreth’s mother sent a poll to a few family members. She said she could only afford to make two sides for their group of 15 this Thanksgiving and asked them each to vote for their favorites. Culbreth guesses green beans and macaroni and cheese will make the cut, but his favorite … Read more

Responsibility falls on all of us to curb spread of COVID this holiday season, doctors say

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) — It’s going to be the third holiday season we’ve had to deal with COVID, but this time it’s different, the rules have changed. “What’s really different about this holiday season from the last two during COVID is that the responsibility is much more on us as individuals. We don’t have … Read more

Keep Kids Busy With This Tiny Thanksgiving Course

In the early days of the pandemic Pascal of Bake Austin and Kami of Austin Tinkering School pivoted and joined forces to create Tiny Building and Baking,a super fun online camp where kids bake and cook REAL tiny food with Pascal and craft tiny rooms with Kami, complete with tiny furniture, tiny plates and silverware, … Read more

The $24 Kitchen Tool That Saved My Family’s Enormous Thanksgiving

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change. I have a very large extended family, so for years, we’d have at least 75-100 people at every holiday meal. Each small family unit was … Read more

55 million people to travel this Thanksgiving despite elevated costs of flights and gas

55 million people to travel this Thanksgiving despite elevated costs of flights and gas – CBS News Watch CBS News AAA projects this Thanksgiving could be the third busiest since it started keeping track more than two decades ago. Kris Van Cleave shows travelers what that could mean for their plans during the holiday season. … Read more

These Thanksgiving Foods May Be More Dangerous to Dogs Than You May Think

If you’re cooking for or hosting the holidays at your house, crumbs and scraps of food are bound to splatter onto the floor at some point. However, at Thanksgiving, many of those morsels can be harmful to pets. According to the American Kennel Club, although traditional Thanksgiving foods — like a turkey bone — may … Read more

AAA says 55 million Americans expected to travel for Thanksgiving, near pre-pandemic volume

Travel over Thanksgiving is expected to reach nearly 98% of pre-pandemic volume, according to automotive and travel club AAA. With 54.6 million people expected to travel over the holiday period — a 1.5% increase from 2021, this Thanksgiving is expected to be the third busiest since AAA started tracking travel volume in 2000. (The number … Read more

Miss Manners: It’s not the kids who disrespect me, it’s the other teachers

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I work as a substitute teacher for an excellent local school system. I enjoy the assignments, for the most part, and like knowing that I’m contributing to public education. Schools can’t function without substitutes. It’s not my primary source of income by a long shot, so I can choose where and if … Read more