Vivacious Centenarian Who Danced With The Obamas At The White House Dies

OLNEY, Md. (AP) — Virginia McLaurin, the centenarian who danced excitedly with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama during a 2016 White House visit, has died. She was 113. McLaurin’s son, Felipe Cardoso Jr., said Tuesday that she died early Monday at her home in Olney, Maryland. “Rest in peace, Virginia,” the Obamas … Read more

‘Strongwoman’ competitors like ‘The Dominator’ drag cars, lift boulders

Inez Carrasquillo used to live in her car. Now she can haul a 700-pound car chassis across a 50-foot course by her own strength. The Rolling Meadows, Illinois, resident spent part of her twenties homeless and sleeping in her Honda Civic She eventually moved into her boyfriend’s house but, after having her son in 2016, … Read more

Christian influencer blasted for saying women don’t want to work anymore

Are women over the hustle culture? According to Christian influencer Bethany Beal, women are apparently done with working and “over being boss babes.” The Texas native posted a controversial video on Instagram recently, claiming that women don’t want to be like men when it comes to the workforce — and she was slammed for her … Read more

Why the progressive silence on violent crime against women . . . because it hurts their pro-criminal agenda

The horrific rape and near-strangulation of a tourist jogger on Manhattan’s premier West Side pedestrian promenade Thursday should have shocked New York’s progressive faction. A woman ought to have the right to exercise in a public space without fear of grievous sexual assault. Instead, progressives were silent — but it’s part of a pattern: They’ve remained quiet … Read more

Yara And Keri Shahidi Are Finding Purpose In ‘A Day Off’

I Run This is a weekly interview series that highlights Black women and femmes who do dope shit in entertainment and culture while creating visibility, access and empowerment for those who look like them. Read my Alex Elle interview here. Post “Black-ish” and Harvard graduation, Yara Shahidi is taking a well-deserved break. Sort of. The … Read more

Plus-sized model Sarah Jane Kelly claims Shein heavily edited her body to look thin

A plus-size model has called out fashion retailer Shein, claiming the fashion brand photoshopped her body to make her look “thin”. Sydney, Australia-based model Sarah Jane Kelly has been in the fashion industry for over five years and has posed for some of the world’s most popular clothing brands. The 28-year-old says she is no … Read more

Cardi B Slams Madonna For Saying She Paved The Way For Her: ‘It’s About The Tone’

Madonna celebrated the 30th anniversary of her then-controversial “Sex” book with an Instagram story on Saturday in which she praised herself for paving the way for women like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Cardi B — who was less than pleased by her “tone.” “30 years ago I published a book called S.E.X.,” wrote Madonna. … Read more